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Streetwise Venice Map

This pocket size map of Venice is laminated for durability and accordion folding for effortless use.


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Streetwise Venice Map is a laminated city center map of Venice, Italy. The accordion-fold pocket size travel map shows water bus lines.

Venice: Prince of the Adriatic, Queen of romantics, King of canals and palaces. Venice is pure Italian opera. Like the famous Fenice Theatre, twice resurrected after devastating fires, Venice continues to flirt with disaster. The Venetian Lagoon which swells and floods Venice each year during the acque alta threatens to do so permanently unless a solution is found. But Venice continues to hold her head above water like a bejeweled diva swooning in the sea. Masked revelers during carnival seem like theatrical extras to a city that is always center stage. For the first time visitor, the pageantry of Venice is intoxicating. For the return visitor, it is addicting.

Famous for its Venetian art, baroque palaces, mercantile history, and regional cuisine, Venice is a city that must be experienced on foot. Gradually, in dozens of churches, museums, and palaces, the extraordinary richness of Venice is revealed. So much to see, it will strain your neck and feet by the end of the day! You will still be able to count on your STREETWISE® Venice Map to get you back to your hotel or Palazzo.

The island of Murano has been a center of glass making since the late 13th century when it was ruled that glassmaking be moved from Venice out to the island to protect the city from fire. Glass makers were famous for being the first to craft mirrors and were also know for the curlicue ornate chandeliers they produced. Glass making continues today and tours of the factories and their ubiquitous gift shops are widely available. The inset map of Murano will help you escape the tour and find a lovely spot for lunch.

The pocket size map of Venice is laminated for durability and accordion folding for effortless use.

Coverage includes:
Main Venice, Italy Map 1:8,400
Murano Island Map 1:22,000
Giudecca Island Map 1:12,000
Venice Water Bus Map

Map opens out to 81mm x 210mm, printed on both sides

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Streetwise Venice Map


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215mm x 100mm

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September 2018

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