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August 21, 2020
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More French Slanguage

An easy way to learn common phrases that lets you communicate in French with confidence.


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The newest volume in Mike Ellis's best-selling Slanguage series will help you learn even more interesting French words and phrases. With this newest volume in the best-selling Slanguage series, author Mike Ellis provides translations and pronunciation guides for nearly 300 more French words and phrases, focusing on such categories as clothing and fashion, dining, entertainment, cooking and baking, and destinations. These pocket-sized guides are easy to use and make great gifts for kids or adults who want a fun way to learn the basics of a new language. Just use the easy pronunciation guide that incorporates easy English terms and fun and helpful illustrations, and you'll be saying things like "What's up?" (Quad Enough) and "Kisses, sweetie" (Bee Zoo Shoe Shoe) in no time. These easy-to-use, pocket-sized language guides are a great way to learn to speak hundreds of basic words and phrases in the most popular foreign languages. With these fun visual guides, just follow the illustrated prompts and read the English words out loud. Soon you'll be speaking the language well enough to be understood by most native speakers while asking directions, ordering food at a restaurant, shopping, or just making new friends!

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More French Slanguage


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Gibbs M. Smith Inc






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March 2018



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