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November 18, 2017
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November 18, 2017
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Lonely Planet Kids How Animals Build

Get ready to explore the incredible world of animals architects! Lift the flaps and open gatefolds to discover amazing animal homes up high, underground, on land and under the sea.


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Lonely Planet Kids’ How Animals Build is a beautifully illustrated lift-the-flap hardback that explores the incredible world of animal architects. Children can open flaps and unfold spreads to discover amazing animal homes up high, underground, on land, and under the sea. From spider webs and rabbit warrens, to bird nests and ant colonies, and even coral reefs and beaver lodges, we reveal the secrets to these extraordinary structures and how they’re built.

Do bees need cement mixers to build hives? Do beavers use cranes to construct dams? No, of course not! Like many animals, they’re building geniuses who don’t need building site tools to create incredible work. Welcome to nature’s very own, super-clever world of construction.

Created in consultation with Michael Leach, wildlife expert, speaker, photographer, filmographer, and author of over 20 books on subjects ranging from big cats and owls to great apes and bears.

Themed topics include:

  • Apartment Block with Branches
  • Dig, Diggers, Dig!
  • Number 1 Bunny Street
  • A Winning Design
  • It’s Buzzing in Here!
  • Nest Neighborhoods
  • This Way to Waterworld
  • Extreme Builders
  • Mouse House Here

Suitable for children ages 8-12.

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Lonely Planet Kids How Animals Build


Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet Kids


Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet Kids


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282mm x 260mm

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September 2017



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