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Ireland: Awakening

Ireland Awakening by Edward Rutherfurd retells the story of the Emerald Isle from the seventeenth century onwards. Historical fiction at its best.


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Ireland Awakening retells the story of the Emerald Isle from the seventeenth century onwards, beginning with the Reformation and the devastating arrival of Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell heralds the inauguration of two hundred years of Protestant dominance, throughout which many of the Irish people were impoverished and dispossessed.

Dublin is made a Protestant capital, and Catholics become an underclass. Set against the dramatic backdrop of Irish political history, the novel revisits family dynasties such as the Walshes and the Doyles, whose epic voyages through the centuries continue right the way up to the twentieth century's Easter Rising and Independence, passing through turbulent milestones such as The Year of the French and The Independence Movement of Parnell along the way. But literature does not entirely give way to history; the encroaching of the Celtic Dawn and the timeless worlds of W.B. Yeats and James Joyce are also paid rich tribute to, and bring this powerful saga to its conclusion.

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Ireland: Awakening


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Fiction – Historical




180mm x 112mm

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May 2007



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